photo-reducedThe Flora for Kids website is a vision for an interactive website to teach kids about the wonders of our native flora.

Educational resources and activities will be coming soon.

Isabella's Peppermint Flower's was inspired by the idea to share the story of one single wildflower as a spring board to engage young people in wanting to learn more. This website is in its first stages, and is currently where Isabella's Peppermint Flower's can be purchased.

Stay Tuned...

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About Isabella's
Peppermint Flowers

It's spring, and Isabella and her sister, Flora, are excited to go flower hunting to look for woodland wildflowers. They have a special patch of "peppermint flowers" they hope to find on their walk.

The sisters discover that their peppermint flowers have another name: Claytonia virginica. Discovering the wildflower's scientific name teaches the sisters about Virginia's colonial history, key aspects of botany,- and the natural history of spring wildflowers and their role in the ecosystem.


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